Roll With Soul® Skate Tees

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Assorted roller skating themed designs.

My Skate Life (in GIFs)

1. First of all, it’s NOT a “hobby.”

2. What it feels like when you lace up a perfect fitting pair of skates.

3. When my song comes on…

4. When my song comes on and I don’t have my skates on yet…

5. That time I almost fell, but didn’t…

6. When someone bumps into me or cuts me off because they’re not paying attention…

7. When I see my friend pull off a SICK skate move…

8. When someone gets a new pair of skates…

9. When you nail that new skate move for the first time…

10. The morning after a late-night skate party…

Skate Beats – part 1

Here’s a few hot instrumental skate beats for your next session:

1. Mann – Buzzin (Instrumental)

2. Chris Brown (ft. Rihanna) – Ain’t Nobody’s Business (Instrumental)

3. Marvin Gaye – Heavy Love Affair (The Revenge Rework)

4. Down To The Bone – Staten Island Groove

5. Herb Alpert (ft. Janet Jackson) – Diamonds (Cool Summer Dance Mix)


New skates, new blog!

Just laced up my brand new 220’s (Thanks to Bay Area Skate!) so I thought it would be a fitting to launch a new skate blog!


(Photo: Randy Wong – Bay Area Skate)

One of my favorite places to skate is “Skatin’ Place” in San Francisco’s Golden Gate park.
I want to tell you all about this vibrant community in future posts, but for now, just a quick peek at how I roll.

Check back soon for more great skate videos and great music to get your skate on!