Learn to Skate!

Certified Instructor - Skate IA

I’m proud to be a Certified Instructor with Skate IA, helping to spread the rolligion of skating in Northern California.

If you live outside the San Francisco Bay Area, you can find an instructor in your area by searching here:

554 Fillmore St., San Francisco, CA. 94117

NOTE: Due to ongoing co-vid precautions, please check The Church of 8 Wheels website directly for current info on status.

Photo: Dan Burger
Photo: Dan Burger

*Note: Dates subject to change, please contact the Church of 8 Wheels to confirm.

During this 50 minute course, you will learn all the building blocks of skating including; proper skating form, balance, turning, and stopping.

$20.00 PER PERSON (Adults) | $10.00 PER PERSON (Kids)
You supply skates and pads*

$30.00 PER PERSON (Adults) | $20.00 PER PERSON (Kids)
We supply skates and pads*

* Helmet, elbow, and knee pads are required during class for your safety and as a condition of our insurance.



Whether you just need the basics or you want to learn something specific, I am available for private lessons at by appointment.

My philosophy is a bit different from those who teach variations on “roller dance.” I don’t teach routines or steps, my goal is to teach you core fundamentals that help unlock the skills that help you move YOUR body the way that feels good to YOU. Who wants to look just like everyone else anyway?

(NOTE: The originator creator and teacher of the popular “Rollerdance” step routines is San Francisco legend, Richard Humphrey. Please support original black creators and accept no imitators.)

Most private lessons are scheduled at the Church of 8 Wheels, but I can also serve the BayArea/Peninsula area if you have a flat, smooth skating area.
Off-site locations can be determined during scheduling.


  • $50.00 PER PERSON
    (At the Church of 8 Wheels or LOCAL within 10 miles of San Mateo) – You must bring your own skates and pads*
  • + 10 miles outside San Mateo – please email me with your desired location for rates.
  • Beginner Group Lessons are also available – please email me with details for rates.

NOTE: Private lessons scheduled at The Church of 8 Wheels may also require a $10 fee for skates and safety gear if you do not have your own.

* Helmet, elbow, and knee pads are required during class for your safety and as a condition of our insurance.

To register for a PRIVATE LESSON, please send an email indicating which date you’d like to schedule and what you’d like to learn.

2 thoughts on “Learn to Skate!

  1. Hi!

    Hope you’re doing well and staying healthy.

    I was wondering if you had any idea when you would be starting lessons again.

    Please let me know.


    • Thank you for inquiring about skate lessons. As much as I want to start teaching again, given the current risks and recommendations, it will likely be closer to summer 2021 before beginning again. (If all goes well.)

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