Roll With Soul® Skate Tees

Wonderful to see so many beautiful people wearing my skate-inspired designs!

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Roll With Soul™ Skate Gear: Updated Designs!

If you love to roller skate, and you want to wear your skate pride, I’ve got dozens of great roller skating themed shirts for you!

In my 20 year career as a professional designer, I’ve designed apparel for some of the biggest names in entertainment including Usher, Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, and even classic bands like The Beatles.

So you know these are premium designs you’ll LOVE to show off at your next skate party. That’s because they are designed by a SKATER, for SKATERS.

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New “Roll With Soul” Shirt Design

Just finished this new skate design fresh for 2015!
Can you spot the hidden “8”?

For a limited time, you can reserve this design on a shirt through Teespring.

Here’s the link:


Just one catch. If we don’t meet our goal of 50 shirts sold, the shirts won’t be printed. So if you like the design, order several! There’s various styles and colors available.

UPDATE 1/16: Unfortunately, we did not hit our goal so the shirts were not printed. If there’s any additional interest in the design, perhaps I can activate another campaign. Maybe different colors?