Bay Area Roller Skating Lessons

Certified Instructor - Skate IA

Skating Lessons at The Church of 8 Wheels

I’m proud to be a Certified Instructor with Skate IA, helping to spread the rolligion of skating in Northern California.

If you live near the San Francisco Bay Area, The Church of 8 Wheels is now offering lessons for traditional roller skates and for inline skates every Saturday from 1-2pm.



During this 60 minute course, you will learn all the building blocks of skating including; proper skating form, balance, turning, and stopping.

$20.00 PER PERSON (Adults) | $10.00 PER PERSON (Kids)
You supply skates and pads*

$30.00 PER PERSON (Adults) | $20.00 PER PERSON (Kids)
We supply skates and pads*

* Helmet, elbow, and knee pads are required during class for your safety and as a condition of our insurance.

PLEASE NOTE: For best results, all Skating lessons (public or private) on Saturdays at The Church of 8 Wheels should be arranged in advance so that we can be sure to have enough instructors on hand.

To register for a GROUP CLASS, please send an email indicating which date you’d like to schedule as well as your skate size if you need to rent skates.


If you’re already comfortable with the basics and want to learn something specific, I am available for private lessons at the church by appointment.

$50.00 PER PERSON – You supply skates and pads*
$60.00 PER PERSON – We supply skates and pads*

* Helmet, elbow, and knee pads are required during class for your safety and as a condition of our insurance.

To register for a PRIVATE LESSON, please send an email indicating which date you’d like to schedule as well as your skate size if you need to rent skates. Be sure to indicate you want a private lesson specifically with me. White Chocolate/Aimee.

2Raw’s Annual Spring Skate Jam

This past weekend was the annual 2Raw Spring Skate Jam. It’s the biggest late night skate party in Northern California and folks come out from all parts of the country to roll.

We had a few special guests in the house. The producers from the United Skates Documentary were doing a little filming. We also had “Queen of the South” Joi of the world-famous Atlanta Sk8-a-thon visiting us.

I stole this pic from my good friend Kai pictured here with Tina and Dyana, the United Skates film makers.


I’m always so busy skating that I forget to take lots of photos and videos, but I wanted to share the few that I did take so you can check it out too.

Sigh. Just look at that beautiful wood floor…


A rare gap in the action. (I just wanted to see that wood again. lol)


Rollerdance man Richard Humphrey teaching his smooth steps in the middle.


“Doin’ it Detroit Style” – I think this is one of my favorite styles to watch. Not only is Detroit my hometown, but I love the classic, smooth moves of the D. These ladies were so fun to watch.


2 full nights of skating! My legs do not like me anymore, but I wished it would never end.


It’s my “Skate Knight!!”


Thanks to the 2Raw event crew and all the wonderful skaters for a great weekend!!

An Appeal to Skate Inventors – Toe Protection

When I dance, I do alot of THIS:

Spin Stop

It takes a toll on the toes of my skates. I don’t use a toe stop, so typical toe protection options won’t work for me.

Currently, I use TUFF TOE, a molded piece of plastic designed for baseball cleats.


It’s ok, but I have to glue the piece permanently to my boot. So it’s not pretty and I don’t get full protection, since it’s made to fit the inside portion of the foot.

Does anyone make toe protection for skates without toe stops?
What solutions have you found?
Please share!

If you’re a clever inventor type with ties to the skate industry, please create something, then TAKE MY MONEY!! 😉

Spreading the “Rolligion” to Santa Barbara

The Godfather of Skating (San Francisco) is making news in Santa Barbara, California with a week-long event called “Holiday Shop N Roll.” #shopnroll

Organizers have turned the Earl Warren Show Grounds into a funky roller disco floor, surrounded by local artisans and delicious local, organic food offerings.

Click to see the full segment from the evening news:
D Miles

On opening day Santa Barbara Mayor, Helene Schneider, kicked things off with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Joined here by The Godfather, the event organizers Katie and Valerie, and the Brawlin’ Betties Derby Team.

Photo: Megan E. McConnell

Photo: Megan E. McConnell

Even “White Chocolate” was there. 😉

Photo: Sean Lieberman

Photo: Sean Lieberman

I had a blast dancing around and teaching the kids. I hope they all had a wonderful experience, and that Santa gets them some roller skates for Christmas this year.

Here’s the details:
When: December 14-22, 2013
Mon – Thurs: 11am – 9pm
Fri – Sun: 11am – 10pm
(Artisan Mart open Saturdays & Sundays)
Where: Earl Warren Show Grounds, 3400 Calle Real, Santa Barbara, California 93105


  • $5 admission Saturdays and Sundays for adults 16+ only [waived with skate rental]
  • Skate rentals $10/kids, $12/adults 16+, includes pads/helmets – all sizes available
  • FREE admission Monday through Friday
  • FREE parking available


If you’re in the area, check it out!

Holy Rollin

San Francisco does not have an indoor roller rink. The nearest rinks are over a half-hour away. But that doesn’t stop the Godfather of Skate from searching out unique venues that he can turn into great indoor skate spots.

The latest spot is the former Sacred Heart Church at 554 Fillmore @ Fell St.

The first ‘rolligious’ service got underway last week and was a big success!

Service is from 7-10pm

Check it out, you might even be able to score a “Church of 8 Wheels” T-shirt, designed by yours truly.69688_537925699561354_2074528563_n

When Skate Worlds Collide

One of the best things about skating is how it brings together all different kinds of people who might not have had the opportunity to befriend each other otherwise. It totally helps to expand your worldview and your circle of friends.

Since I started skating, I’ve been fortunate to find a home among several skate communities. Each one inspires me in different ways. I also learn different skills from each one.

There’s nothing better when different types of skaters get together and exchange ideas. For example, I often talk to derby skaters who tell me that they wish they could skate dance, but everything they learn in derby is the opposite of what you would do when you skate-dance. To loosen the girls up during one session, I asked them to show me some of their drills and I showed them a way to add a little funk and make it a dance “move.”

Pretty sure “Derby Dance” is going to be a ‘thing’ one day. We’ll keep working on it. 😉

Recently the SF Roller Girls were invited to entertain during the B.A.D. Girls Derby halftime show. The result had the crowd roaring!!


Part 1:

Part 2:

Special thanks to D. Miles and Jane Hammer (B.A.D. Girls), for mixing up the chocolate and the peanut butter.

Video: Ralph Boethling

United Skates: Roller Skate Documentary

When I talk to people about skating, it can be a little challenging. Some automatically think I skate derby, just because I’m a woman. A lot of people think of it as being stuck in a time warp with images of rollerblading in a 80’s power suit conjured up in their minds.

Then, a few weeks ago I saw this incredible trailer. It actually gave me goosebumps.

THIS is what I do.

There is a vibrant community of skaters and artists across the globe doing amazing things on 8 wheels. These film makers really seem to get what this movement is about. Fortunately, they’ve hit their fundraising goal. But there’s still a little time to donate if you like what you see. You can check out their Kickstarter page here:

10 Reasons to Roller Skate in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park

Every Sunday afternoon, you’ll find the original “Church of 8 Wheels” in session at the Skatin’ Place. It’s one of the only outdoor skating rinks in the whole country! It’s located in Golden Gate Park at 6th & Fulton St.

Here are 10 reasons why you should get down there and experience some ROLLIGION!

10. It’s FREE!


All you need is a pair of skates. If you don’t have a pair, you can rent some for the day at:
Golden Gate Park Bike & Skate
3038 Fulton St  San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 668-1117

If you don’t feel like skating, have a picnic! There’s plenty of room to dance on the grass hill.
(It may be hard to fight the urge, but for your safety, don’t dance in the skate area, unless #7.)

9. You get to play outside.

You’ve been cooped up in your office all week, bleary eyed from the computer screen.  Enjoy the sun (and the fog) and feel the wind blowing through your hair!


The only time we don’t roll is in the rain. (But sometimes even then, we might.)
Come outside and play!

I’ll have extra sunscreen.

8. It’s great exercise

Skating does a body good. A good skate will make you sweat. 16 times around an average size rink is about 1 mile, one hour of skating burns 600 calories if you skate constantly.

Skate around the glide lane, or learn some new dance moves in the middle. The people there are super-friendly and happy to try and teach you some basic moves to get you started.

7. Audience Participation

Come learn epic group dances like Thriller and Cupid Shuffle!

6. Roll with Legends

You can roll with San Francisco skate legends like the Rollerdance Man and The Godfather of Skate!

The Rollerdance Man (Classic clip of the Golden Rollers)

The Godfather of Skate

5. The Fashion

Bright colors and funky patterns everywhere! You can see everything from hip-hop to playa-wear. There’s often special guests like cowboys, angels, super heroes, Morpheus and even Jesus!



Abe Lincoln perhaps?

4. The Funk

Skatin Place has it’s very own jumpin’ sound system, courtesy of the Godfather.
Enjoy the dance hits from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and beyond while you skate.

3. This guy.

If you’re lucky enough to observe this specimen in his natural habitat, you won’t be able to take your eyes off his funky dancing, never-ending energy, and infectious smile!


2. The SF Roller Girls & The Roller Divas

Never underestimate a woman on wheels. EVER. No really. I MEAN it.
Whether it’s dancing the coolest moves, or racing long distance, these women roll HARD, and look GOOD doing it too.



1. It’s a party ya’ll.

I’ve never seen any other place where people of all ages, colors and creeds get together and have a funky good time. It’s like having a family reunion every weekend!


Click here for more info!
Lace up and let’s roll!

(Thanks to Linda Lovestoskate & Lainie Monsef for the great photos)

New skates, new blog!

Just laced up my brand new 220’s (Thanks to Bay Area Skate!) so I thought it would be a fitting to launch a new skate blog!


(Photo: Randy Wong – Bay Area Skate)

One of my favorite places to skate is “Skatin’ Place” in San Francisco’s Golden Gate park.
I want to tell you all about this vibrant community in future posts, but for now, just a quick peek at how I roll.

Check back soon for more great skate videos and great music to get your skate on!