New Year Skate Motivation

It’s that time of the year again, where we start thinking about starting the new year off with a renewed determination to eat better and exercise more. #NewYearsResolutions

I’m right there with you! For me, this year’s wedding planning and a busy work schedule dropped my skate nights from 3-4 a week to about 1. Dreadful. This is no way to live!

Time to get back on track!


All exercise is great, but as the picture demonstrates, skaters have the advantage to keep up healthy habits because skating is fun and enjoyable!

Here’s a couple tips to stay motivated!

1. Remember why you skate.
Big smiles? (See above photo.) The great music? How about the sweet, sweet feeling of the wind blowing through your hair? Getting love from your skate crew? All these are great reasons to lace up!!

2. Give yourself a micro-challenge
Practice a new skill, or work on a move that’s been giving you trouble for awhile. Mastering a new skill will open many new doors to new ones! Level up!

3. Take photos and videos to share!
Post photos and videos of your skating so that your friends and family can see what you’re up to and cheer on your progress! Maybe they’ll want to join you! (We can’t let those CrossFitters have all the fun!) Create a visual reminder of your journey (See #1).

4. Post-Skate High
Get those endorphins pumping! A great skate brings out the natural feel-good vibes and keeps the motivation going! You’ll feel your body getting stronger and leaner as well!

5. Take a skating class or private lesson
A great way to work out those nervous kinks. Let a certified skate instructor show you the fundamentals! If you already know how, a private lesson can help you unlearn any bad habits and provide some fine-tuning to unlock your full potential. With both money and time invested, you’ll be more likely to keep at it!

If you live in the San Francisco area, I can help! Learn more here.

Good luck in the new year skaters!

Whatever you do, keep rolling!
#SkateEveryDamnDay #RollWithSoul


Rink Safety Infographic

Roller skating is super fun, but it also involves some risk.

If we all respect one another and follow the same general guidelines we can make skating a fun and SAFE experience for everyone! This prevents people from getting injured and keeps rink owners from getting sued and going out of business.

I’ve created this handy safety infographic to help educate parents and others who may be new to the rink environment. These guidelines are geared toward the average, all-ages public session. Other adult sessions may have additional guidelines so be sure to pay attention to your surroundings.

Please feel free to share. Sharing is caring!
(Click the image to view/download the full size version.)

Download a 11×17 printable PDF here!

Rink Safety Infographic

Aug. 27 Michael Jackson Roller Disco

August 29th, 2016 would have marked the King of Pop’s 58th birthday.
The Church of 8 Wheels is celebrating with a special roller disco night filled with music from Michael as well as his famous musical family.

Join me, White Chocolate for a fun theme night!
Get out your best MJ moves, costumes and skate!


AGES 18+

Facebook Event Link


Super Skate Sunday – February Adult Skate

Bay Area Skate Family, THIS IS FOR YOU!!!
It’s time to start planning your night out!
February 14th ❤️
WE are Ready to Party & Roll with YOU!

Come roll with us 9PM-MIDNIGHT!
Presidents Day Weekend…No work on Monday!


Connect to & share the event on Facebook!
Super Skate Sunday Event on Facebook


A rink that Welcomes, Listens to and Respects US!

Admission $11, Skate Rental $4

With your support, we will make this a regular event!


DJ: White Chocolate
(Church of 8 Wheels Saturday Night Roller Disco,
Richard Humphrey Ballroom Skate)

Playing your favorite R&B, Soul & Hip Hop Skate
(…and some you may have forgotten about )

Here’s a little taste:


Bring your Friends, Bring a Date!

We can’t wait to roll with you! ❤️

Legends of Skating – Part 1

As different forms of roller skating become popular in various parts of the country, it’s important to acknowledge and honor it’s cultural origins and the unsung pioneers that have given roller skating it’s modern flavor and style.

Bill Butler – Video Bio
If you’ve ever seen these images pop up on the internet, please know that this is NO ordinary “ol skool” skater. When people were rolling to organ music in the 40’s, Bill Butler is the man that brought the funk and jazz to skating in Detroit and then most famously in New York. His artistry, skill and style inspired many of the popular incarnations of roller skating that exist today.


David Miles
While rinks are closing down across America, San Francisco’s Godfather of Skate, David Miles Jr. finds new ways to bring skating to the people. Whether indoors or outdoors, David has worked tirelessly with local community leaders for over 30 years to make sure skaters have a place to skate and a funky good time doing it!


Known as the “Father of Roller Dance.” Richard is a renowned instructor, performer and inventor, featured on TV and in print. Richard choreographed many of the classic line dance steps that are still popular today. He has also partnered with Riedell to create the innovative “No Strings Attached” skate boot. He continues to teach weekly classes in San Francisco.



Joi Stafford – Skate-a-Thon
2015 marks the 20th anniversary of Skate-a-thon in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s the largest annual skate party in the country and perhaps the world. Joi and her team work tirelessly each year to throw this amazing 3 day event.


DJ “Big Bob” Clayton – New York City’s Legendary Roller Disco DJ
Empire Roller Skating Center, Crown Heights, Brooklyn.


There will be more to come! Please leave a comment if you know of someone with significant historical influence and contribution to the development and growth of roller skating!

Black History is Skate History

Throughout the twentieth century, African Americans challenged segregation at amusement parks, swimming pools, and skating rinks not only in pursuit of pleasure but as part of a wider struggle for racial equality.  I wanted to share a few snapshots in time related to roller skating and black history to foster an understanding of the deep, rich history of this activity and some of its pioneers.

CivilRights marchonwashington

Here’s a wonderful video piece that touches on skate history from the folks at


Bay Area Roller Skating Lessons

Certified Instructor - Skate IA

Skating Lessons at The Church of 8 Wheels

I’m proud to be a Certified Instructor with Skate IA, helping to spread the rolligion of skating in Northern California.

If you live near the San Francisco Bay Area, The Church of 8 Wheels is now offering lessons for traditional roller skates and for inline skates every Saturday from 1-2pm.



During this 60 minute course, you will learn all the building blocks of skating including; proper skating form, balance, turning, and stopping.

$20.00 PER PERSON (Adults) | $10.00 PER PERSON (Kids)
You supply skates and pads*

$30.00 PER PERSON (Adults) | $20.00 PER PERSON (Kids)
We supply skates and pads*

* Helmet, elbow, and knee pads are required during class for your safety and as a condition of our insurance.

PLEASE NOTE: For best results, all Skating lessons (public or private) on Saturdays at The Church of 8 Wheels should be arranged in advance so that we can be sure to have enough instructors on hand.

To register for a GROUP CLASS, please send an email indicating which date you’d like to schedule as well as your skate size if you need to rent skates.


If you’re already comfortable with the basics and want to learn something specific, I am available for private lessons at the church by appointment.

$50.00 PER PERSON – You supply skates and pads*
$60.00 PER PERSON – We supply skates and pads*

* Helmet, elbow, and knee pads are required during class for your safety and as a condition of our insurance.

To register for a PRIVATE LESSON, please send an email indicating which date you’d like to schedule as well as your skate size if you need to rent skates. Be sure to indicate you want a private lesson specifically with me. White Chocolate/Aimee.

2Raw’s Annual Spring Skate Jam

This past weekend was the annual 2Raw Spring Skate Jam. It’s the biggest late night skate party in Northern California and folks come out from all parts of the country to roll.

We had a few special guests in the house. The producers from the United Skates Documentary were doing a little filming. We also had “Queen of the South” Joi of the world-famous Atlanta Sk8-a-thon visiting us.

I stole this pic from my good friend Kai pictured here with Tina and Dyana, the United Skates film makers.


I’m always so busy skating that I forget to take lots of photos and videos, but I wanted to share the few that I did take so you can check it out too.

Sigh. Just look at that beautiful wood floor…


A rare gap in the action. (I just wanted to see that wood again. lol)


Rollerdance man Richard Humphrey teaching his smooth steps in the middle.


“Doin’ it Detroit Style” – I think this is one of my favorite styles to watch. Not only is Detroit my hometown, but I love the classic, smooth moves of the D. These ladies were so fun to watch.


2 full nights of skating! My legs do not like me anymore, but I wished it would never end.


It’s my “Skate Knight!!”


Thanks to the 2Raw event crew and all the wonderful skaters for a great weekend!!