Videos from Atlanta’s Skate-a-thon 2014

Forgive me skaters, I realized I never posted those Skate-a-thon videos that I promised a few months back.


1. This is Robert, he’s part of my Bay Area skate family, but his style is all Detroit. Love watching his smooth skating.

2.  Here we have the magic inner circle where skaters come to show their best stuff! Here’s Josh “Batman” Smith heating things up in the middle.

3. This one portion of the night called “Roll Call,” where each style of skating gets a bit of shine. This style is called “Open House,” watch these guys slide!

4. These lovely ladies are friends of mine from the Bay Area, doing their thing in the middle.

5. Here are the Trains and Trios from roll call. Skaters link up in 3’s or more and glide around as 1 unit. Amazing control.


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