2Raw Spring Skate Jam 2017 – Highlights

Another amazing event from the 2Raw Skate Club took place April 14-16 in Citrus Heights, CA.

FRIDAY – The Warmup
DJ Soulnificent (Maryland)

I pulled a muscle the weekend before, so I was a little nervous going into the weekend. I knew I wanted to go all out, but I didn’t want to make the injury worse. Friday was mostly about saying hello and giving hugs to my skate family. DJ Soulnificent had us groovin though, it was a great warmup.

Skates = smiles!! 😉

Above Photo: Denyse Jones

Saturday – The Main Event
DJ Joe Bowen (Chicago)

I was still skate buzzing from Friday night that I hardly slept! Unfortunately, I didn’t make it out to the park for the annual BBQ, but I knew I needed to conserve my energy.

For SIX hours, DJ Joe Bowen kept the flow going. Amazing set, I skated my injured tush off. (ow)

This time, I hit the floor with my camera to capture some of the action. Enjoy the 2Raw experience from my POV.

J’Roc Henderson

Golden Gate Park Skaters visit 2Raw!

Kelvin brings the Chicago flavor

Killer Routine

Find your nearest adult skate party at skategroove.com

Skate-a-thon 2015 – Class is in Session

Showcasing some of the great skaters I captured during Atlanta’s 20th Annual Skate-a-thon.
Take notes, class is in session!!

Chapter 1: The Spin

Dan “Kno Limitz” – Seattle

“T-Stacks” – Tennessee

Chapter 2: Floorwork

“Sensai” – Kansas City

“Bee1ne” Anthony – Ohio

Chapter 3: Footwork

Hezekiah – North Carolina

“Batman” Smith – Chicago

Unknown Skater – Chicago

Amazing skating fellas, thank you for the inspiration!

Skate-a-thon 2015 – Celebrating the Ladies in the Middle

It can be super intimidating to get out in front of a group of people and show them your best moves. It can especially intimidating to push through a crowd of amped-up guys just to get a piece of the floor for a few precious seconds.

I’m proud of these ladies who got out there and held their own!

California: Tiffany

California: Michelle

Illinois: Natasha

California: K-Fancy

Atlanta: CeCe

Gurl Power! #sk8athon20

“Electric Lady” on Wheels

On Sunday, June 8th Roller skaters from throughout the Bay Area rolled in to show off their skills on 8 wheels. D. Miles, San Francisco’s GodFather of Skate served as MC to guide the audience through every solo, pair and group performance. There was even a segment for the audience to come join in and do the “Cupid Shuffle”.

For my performance, I chose one of my favorites songs from the last year, Electric Lady by Janelle Monáe.

You can watch the full performance below from the view of the spectators. (Watch in HD)

Here’s a up-close side view of some of the highlights courtesy Ralph Boethling. (Watch in HD)

You can enjoy other performances from the show with this YouTube playlist.

I’m so grateful to have such talented and lively friends. Hopefully these clips inspire you to have some fun and to roll with soul!!

Halftime Show at the Derby

Last weekend I was invited to perform at halftime for the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls Season Opener!

I had to get used to the floor a bit, but even at last call for alcohol, it was a great crowd.
It was fun to show the derby crowd something a bit different. I have a lot of respect for the derby, but I also think it’s important for women to see that it’s not the only place for them in skating.  Hopefully a few ladies were inspired to get their dance on too!

Music Video Skate Cameos

Roller Skating has always been cool and the proof is in music videos from some of the biggest artists.

Even Beyonce filmed her latest video, “Blow” at a skate rink in Houston.

Check out just some of these classic skate cameos. Don’t blink or your might miss them! I included the time code with the skate scene.

Janet Jackson – Alright (5:40)

George Benson – Give me the Night (Various scenes in the 1st minute or so)

JJ Fad – Supersonic (2:48)

Michael Jackson – Bad (3:54)

Ciara feat. Missy Elliott – 1, 2 Step (2:45)

United Skates: Roller Skate Documentary

When I talk to people about skating, it can be a little challenging. Some automatically think I skate derby, just because I’m a woman. A lot of people think of it as being stuck in a time warp with images of rollerblading in a 80’s power suit conjured up in their minds.

Then, a few weeks ago I saw this incredible trailer. It actually gave me goosebumps.

THIS is what I do.

There is a vibrant community of skaters and artists across the globe doing amazing things on 8 wheels. These film makers really seem to get what this movement is about. Fortunately, they’ve hit their fundraising goal. But there’s still a little time to donate if you like what you see. You can check out their Kickstarter page here:  http://kck.st/1d3m8yX

Back in the day…

Roller skating wasn’t just a crazy, spandex-covered fad from the 1970’s & 80’s, there’s actually a pretty rich history of amazing footwork.

This is a beautiful, inspiring piece from the late, great Gene Kelly. He is one of my favorite all-time performers and this skate number is just another reason why.  Enjoy!

I’m not gonna lie though. This happened too.