April/May Skating Lessons

Our group skate lessons at the Church of 8 Wheels are great for those who want to learn the basics, and private sessions for those looking to learn additional skills!


This class covers the fundamentals of skating technique. Includes proper skating form, falling, stopping and turning.

We have several wonderful instructors on rotation each week.
I will be teaching on the following dates

  • April 20
  • May 4

Class is for kids as well as adults! Drop ins welcomed and encouraged!

PRIVATE LESSONS – Saturday 2-3pm

Private lessons can also be arranged at the Church.
Please reserve in advance by email.

Click here for for lesson rates and additional details


After class is over, improving your skating skills is all about PRACTICE!
The Church of 8 Wheels offers 2 more public skating sessions on Saturday. Itā€™s a great way to get more practice.

  • 3-5pm ā€“ Afternoon family skate
  • 7-11pm ā€“ Roller Disco Party (18+ only)

Hope to help get you started on your skate journey soon!

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